vMenu 1.52

Turn your Nokia into an iPhone!


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Task manager
  • Add and remove icons like with an iPhone


  • Laggy


vMenu is a free customization app that makes your Symbian phone act like an iPhone!

The application changes the menu interface of the S60 platform to make it behave more like iOS. With vMenu installed, your tools, options and applications will be split across multiple screens, which you can flick through by sliding your finger left and right across the screen, just like an iPhone.

Hold your finger down on the screen and vMenu will allow you to add or delete icons, in much the same way as you would on an iPhone. A small trash can icon appears, which you hit to remove an icon, or you can add a new one on with the 'Add' option.

vMenu comes bundled with a handy task manager, which allows you to browse through the list of running programs and switch to them or close them.

Although vMenu makes for a much more user friendly way to operate your Symbian phone, it does have a tendency to lag. Not only does the screen stick sometimes when you're flicking through, but it can also slow response times when launching applications.

That said, vMenu is still probably the closest thing you'll get to running iOS on a Nokia phone.



vMenu 1.52

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